My Phone May Know

I think my cell phone knows that it’s about to be replaced.

Yesterday, while I was Downtown, I tried to connect to the internet. I had no need for the internet, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to, but I decided to try, just for the heck of it. Tracfone charges a half-minute for every attempt, whether it’s successful of not, but I have more minutes than I’ll ever use.

Not only did it connect to the internet, but the connection was suddenly a whole lot faster.

Not only is the internet faster, but my whole phone seems faster, all of a sudden. Phillip texted a photo to me today. (I continue to think that “texting a photo” is a strange term.) The photo uploaded so fast that I didn’t realize it had uploaded. I replied to his text message, and I had to check my “Sent” file to be sure it had been sent.

It has me wondering if the problem was (or is) with my phone or with my carrier.

Phillip emailed me this afternoon to tell me that he was stopping off at Neumos, in the Pike/Pine neighborhood, on his way home, to pick up something for the event on Saturday, and that he’d be walking home from there, so I’d probably get home before he did.

On my way home today, I stopped into the Bartell Drugs on Third buy some shampoo. I walked around the corner to the bus stop. A 49 and an 11 were there. I started to check OneBusAway for the next 47, but I noticed that I’d missed a call from Phillip. I often can’t hear my phone when I’m Downtown. Phillip had called a minute earlier.

I called Phillip back. It had taken him less time at Neumos than he’d expected, and did I want to meet at Li’l Woody’s for dinner? I did.

I boarded the 49 and found Phillip at Li’l Woody’s. We had a nice dinner.

After dinner, we walked as far as the bus stop at Bellevue Ave and Olive St. I checked OneBusAway. (I can check OneBusAway again!) A 43 was due in 6 minutes and a 47 was due in 8 minutes. We agreed to wait for the 47.

The 47 was standing room only. I had never seen that since the 47 route’s return.

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