What’s Up With The 47?

I almost had a chance to ride on one of Metro’s newest trolleys this evening. It was one of those trolleys that can run on its electric motor, even with the poles off the wires. It was on the 3 route, and it was pulling away just as I got to the stop on 3rd Ave.

I usually avoid the 3/4 route. They are always packed. I’d rather wait a few minutes for a less crowded route up 3rd – like the 70, or the 7, or the RapidRide E. But it would have been interesting to ride one of those new trolleys, though.

This morning, I saw a clever ad on the back of a bus. It was for The Seattle Mariners. At the bottom was a giant Mariners logo. At the top, it was made to look like a scoreboard, with The Mariners versus The Visitors. The scoreboard was positioned so that the bus’ LED route number was right over the runs scored by The Mariners. This morning, it looked like The Mariners were beating The Visitors 150-0. I grabbed my camera, but the bus was gone before I could snap a photo.

I told a couple of Mariners fans at work about the ad, but I seemed be the only one who thought the ad was clever.

Yesterday, I thought the standing-room only state of the 47 bus Phillip and I rode home in was a fluke – a uniqueness of that run. This morning, there were at least a dozen people at the stop at Bellevue & Republican. I’m used to seeing four or five fellow 47-commuters. I couldn’t tell how many people were on my usual 47 this evening ,but there were definitely more occupied seats than empty ones?

Are people discovering that the 47 exists?

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