Looking Back, The Weekend

I had an enjoyable lunch with Elena and Jaime today. Thirty minutes is not enough for lunch, however. It’s enough to get something to eat, but not enough for lunch.


I woke up this morning before the alarm went off. Something didn’t feel right. I looked at the clock. We had forgotten to set the alarm last night. I needed to leave for the bus in ten minutes.

Then I remembered that the alarm clock has always been set at the wrong time, on purpose. I actually had to leave in 30 minutes. Phillip had to leave in 25 minutes.

I had enough time, actually, and I still caught my regular 47 bus, with my hair still wet from the shower. Phillip got to work on time, as well. It was just a more rushed morning than I plan for.

This morning, I canceled my library hold on Season Six of Gilmore Girls.

Last night, Phillip and I broke our record for the most Gilmore Girls episodes watched in one sitting: six (edit: seven) episodes, back to back, in Season Six, over a dinner of Heaven Sent chicken.

Yesterday evening, on our way home from Arlington, Phillip asked me how my hold on Season Six of Gilmore Girls was going. I told him it was still in position 11 on 3 copies, the last time I looked. Phillip suggested that we stop off at Heaven Sent, for chicken to go, then we stop into Scarecrow Video and rent Season Six, adding that it was my turn to pay the $11 rental fee. I agreed to that.

Yesterday morning, we drove to Arlington and spent the day playing Star Fluxx with Loki. I had a terrific time, and I hope we do it again.

We knew Loki through other friends, and we’d never visited him before yesterday. Just like the first time we visited Brian and Kathi, I was unsure of the idea of spending the day as a guest of someone I barely knew. And like the first time we visited Kathi and Brian, things turned out fine. And like the first time we visited Brian and Kathi, we initially knocked on the wrong door. (Yesterday, it was the wrong trailer park.) The guy behind the wrong door took it well, just like the time we first we visited Kathi and Brian.

I woke up yesterday morning, feeling hung over, and almost hoping Loki’s power was out and that he’d cancel, like what happened to our plans with Pamela. The thing was, I hadn’t drunk enough Saturday night to be hung over. I was just out of practice (or too old) for the night club scene.

Saturday night was Pink Party Prime 7, at Neumos. I had a lot of fun, even though Phillip was busy volunteering and I was on my own most of the time. I found Charles there. It was good to see him, even though it was too loud to have a conversation. (Ah, the night club scene!) I noticed that, before the show, Phillip and I were both referring to Charles as “Charles”, rather than “Snowie”. In the early part of our friendship, in the geocaching days, we didn’t even know Snowie’s real name. I was thinking, Saturday night, how interesting it is when a friend’s name changes.

Before the show, Saturday night, Phillip and I managed to grab a car2go to drive to Sam’s Tavern for dinner. (Phillip had a free burger waiting for him.) After dinner, we still had some time to kill before the show, so we went to Elliott Bay Books, where we ended up in the cafe for coffee. (Or, in Phillip’s case, tea.) I ordered what may have been my first Americano. (At least, I don’t remember ever having an Americano before.) When Phillip had to leave for his volunteer shift, I remained in Elliott Bay to browse the shelves. I hadn’t been browsing long when I got a text message from Phillip: There was already a line to get into the show. I left right away.

I stepped outside. The drizzling rain had turned into an actual downpour. As I stood in line outside, Neumos, I discovered that my jacket wasn’t nearly as waterproof as I had thought. When I finally got through the door, I was soaked. It was great to see some actual rain in Seattle, finally, but somehow, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it.

After the show, we bought a couple of hot dogs to eat on the way home. It had stopped raining. Phillip realized that he’d left his bus pass at home, so we walked home, keeping an eye out for a car2go along the way, but not seeing any until we were a block from home.

Saturday morning, I woke up to the sound of wind and rain pounding against our windows. There was nothing we had to do that couldn’t wait, so we stayed in. Besides we needed some rest before Pink Party Prime 7, a drive to Arlington, a visit with Pamela, and a visit with Loki.

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