Listen While I Work

I have my dual monitors set up at my desk at work with space set aside in one corner for YouTube videos. I listen while I work. I can also catch glimpses once in a while.

I’ve been listening to Keralis’ Euro Truck Simulator 2 series lately. It’s a game I don’t play. (It’s might be fun to play, but I don’t think I’d be very good at it.) It’s a pretty game, with nice graphics. It’s also easy to look away from – especially the stretches of freeway. I listen to it mainly for the commentary. Keralis goes off on tangents, discusses whatever’s on his mind, and answers viewers’ questions. Really, it’s like a podcast disguised as game play. I find it very entertaining.

Today, I took a break from Keralis and listened to Kerbal Space Program videos, eventually discovering venera13studios’ wonderful Grand Voyage of the Goddard series. The commentary there seems to be less about the game itself and more about the history of space exploration.

I actually discovered episode 7 of Grand Voyage of the Goddard first, after I did a search for Dres tutorials. In it, the narrator discusses at length one of his favorite science fiction movies: the 1960 “classic” First Spaceship on Venus. He did such a good job recommending this movie that I did a search and found the entire hour-and-eighteen-minute movie on YouTube. So, I “watched” it.

First Spaceship on Venus is a German movie (originally titled Der schweigende Stern) about a strange device discovered on Earth. It turns out to be a recording device, but it’s so badly damaged that the message can’t be translated, even by the top experts. Scientists, meanwhile, calculate its probable trajectory, and determine that the most likely point of origin is the planet Venus. It happens that a giant spaceship is ready for a planned mission to Mars. That plan is scrapped, however, for a voyage to Venus, with an international crew of scientists, and a robot, aboard. Their goal, of course, is to discover who sent the message, and what the message was.

First Spaceship on Venus is cheesy and awesome at the same time.

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