New Bus

A patient from my old clinic saw me at the bus stop this evening. He came over to say hello. He got my name wrong, and seemed to think I’d retired. I corrected him on the first issue, but not the second. I enjoyed talking with him.

Afterward, I wondered why he’d thought I’d retired. Did he think I’m old? Or was I such a fixture there that he couldn’t imagine me leaving for any other reason?

I got to ride on one of Metro’s newest trolleys this evening. I’d never been inside one before. It was on the 4 route, heading up 3rd. I sat in one of the two single, forward-facing, seats in the middle of the bus, on the driver’s side. That’s a new feature on a Metro bus,

A year or two ago, Metro experimented with replacing a few double seats with singles on a few buses. The idea was that more people standing means more people can fit in the bus. (Like a streetcar.) It actually seemed like a good idea to me. It seems like Metro’s experiment was successful.

The problem with my seat was the lack of leg room. I had to sit with my legs at an angle.

I was especially interested in the new rear doors. Passengers push them open when the green light is lit, rather than having the driver open them. I loved that feature on Portland’s TriMet buses.

I wanted to try those back doors, but other passengers got there first.

A thing that has always been a mystery to me is the need so many people feel to point out to a bus driver that the bus is new or different. “Oh, you got a different bus,” they saw as they board. (Why?)

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