Driving Around A Parking Lot

After returning Season Six to Scarecrow Video today, Phillip and I drove to Tukwila. A friend was having a yard sale to clear out some of her art work.

We got there and learned that the yard sale had been canceled, because of the weather. She was kind enough to open her garage for us, however. (So, I suppose the yard sale became a garage sale.) Then we discovered that, even at half price, her art work was out of our budget. That was embarrassing. We had a nice chat, so the visit wasn’t a waste.

After the yard sale that wasn’t, Phillip wanted to go to the Sears in Southcenter for glasses cleaning supplies he’d been unable to find elsewhere.

Halfway there, it occurred to us: We were driving to a shopping mall. On Labor Day weekend.

After driving around the Southcenter parking lot forever, we gave up trying to find a parking spot, and we left.

We had lunch at Claim Jumper. I, of course, couldn’t resist ordering a chicken pot pie.

We drove back roads home. Then we had another Gilmore Girls marathon.

Meanwhile, that monogrammed flask Phillip gave me last Valentines Day keeps filling itself up with Fireball cinnamon whiskey. It’s a mystery.

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