Perfect Ending

Phillip and I watched the final episode of the final season of Gilmore Girls. It’s over.

When the camera moved away from Luke’s Diner, in that final scene, I felt that emptiness exactly like reaching the last page of a really good book that I’d immersed myself into. What a wonderful show that was.

To all those who say that Season Seven, the one without the show’s original creator, isn’t as good as the previous six seasons, I say you’re right. The quality wasn’t up to the highest standards, but overall the season was still very good. But that last episode made up for any defects Season Seven may have had.

It was a perfect ending.

The “Rory leaving Stars Hollow” arc wrapped up nicely – without completely closing. The “Rory and Logan” arc wrapped up nicely, as well. The “Lorelei and Luke” story came to a terrific, ambiguous ending – as did the “Lorelei and her parents” story.

The people of Stars Hollow continued with their lives – some changed, some remaining the same.

But whatever happened to Dean?

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