Neckties Are Not Rock ‘N’ Roll

Last night, I drove to the UW Bookstore to see an author reading. The book was Too High & Too Steep, by David B. Williams. I had such a good time that, afterwards,t I bought a copy of the book and had it autographed.

Seattle has altered its topography probably more than any city in the world. An artificial island was built. Tidal marshes were raised up to build a business district. A 230 foot high hill, containing 10 million cubic yards of soil, was removed. Land was raised and lowered to create level streets. A shipping canal, across the entire width of the city, was built. Lakes were lowered and reshaped. This is what Too High & Too Steep is about.

My friend Valarie and her husband David were there. The room was filled with history buffs.

I had invited Phillip to come with me, but he declined. We share interests, while retaining our own, separate interests. It works out well.

Today, the building I work in celebrated its 30th anniversary. There was a party for the building tenants. One of the events was an 80s-themed costume contest. A couple of coworkers invited me to join them as Guns N Roses. (Jaime does an amazing Slash impersonation.)

Normally, I don’t participate in costuming. But I was persuaded to become Axl Rose today.

This morning, I packed up my motorcycle jacket, my Buff®, and several necklaces. I wore a pull-over shirt that could pass for a t-shirt under a jacket. (I still had to adhere to the office dress code, which forbids designs on a t-shirt.) Jaime loaned me a pair of sunglasses for the top of my head. I undid my ponytail and let my hair down. I think I pulled off a pretty good Axl.

Of course, this meant I had to break my “Tie Thursday” tradition, but it was worth it.

Our trio – two members of Gun N Roses and a groupie – came in second place (out of two groups). We were beat by two Ghostbusters. This pleased all three of us, actually, since we preferred the second-place prize.

I had fun in the costume contest. I’m glad I got out of my comfort zone.

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