A Converted Room

This morning, I dashed off a page-and-a-half piece for Writers Group, about where I was during the Nisqually Earthquake of 2001. I was inspired by last Wednesday’s author, who was in the University Bookstore when the earthquake hit. Then I dashed out the door.

When Writers’ Group started meeting at Barbara and Don’s house, we’d typically meet in the living room. Then, when Don’s mobility declined, we’d meet in the bedroom. with chairs circled around Don’s bed.

Today, we were still in the bedroom, but the bed had been removed. We sat on chairs, in a circle. It was if Don’s bedroom had been converted into Writer’s Group reading room.

Don’s electric wheelchair was no longer in the entryway.

Russ, Mariah, Bernice, Rebecca, and, of course, Barbara were there.

Barbara read two pieces. The first was about how she and Don met. It was a very funny piece – they did not have a standard courtship. But Barbara became teary-eyed halfway through it, understandably. The second piece was one she’d written a while ago, about what it’s like to be married to a person with physical disabilities.

Rebecca read a piece about how she met Don. (It involved a leaking bathtub.)

After Rebecca’s piece, I wondered to myself if I should have brought my blog post about Don to read. But then I remembered that Barbara reads this blog, and everyone else had already heard the stories I’d related in the post.

It was a good group gathering. Don was missed, but the mood was not too somber.

One thought on “A Converted Room

  1. Your choice of topic was a good one! Each participant chose something they wanted to express and I am sure they were interested in your selection and that may inspire them for their next piece of writing. I hadn’t thought about it for a while, either, until I heard author David B. Williams tell that he was in the University Bookstore during the earthquake of 2001, and then I thought back to remember where I was that day. All these reminiscences and reflections are fodder for writing.

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