What I Wore Today

Today is Thursday, and I kept up my tradition of wearing a necktie every Thursday. I also wore one of Don’s shirts.

At last Sunday’s Writers’ Group, Barbara offered up some of Don’s belongings.Russ and I got some shirts. The one I wore today fits me perfectly.

As I was riding the 47 toward Downtown this morning, I was thinking about how comfortable this shirt felt – not too big, not too small, and nicely soft – and yet it didn’t feel like my shirt. At first, I thought that was because I didn’t pick the shirt out. It looks like a shirt I would have picked out for myself, but I didn’t choose it from a rack and I didn’t bring it to a cash register. Then I realized that that didn’t make sense. If the shirt had been a gift, it would have been my shirt – a shirt I hadn’t picked out myself. Then I realized that it had been a gift.

This morning, I was wearing a shirt that once belonged to my friend Don. He was on my mind, and that’s why it hadn’t yet felt like my shirt.

The forecast was for rain today. I wore my rain jacket to work. Late in the afternoon, it began pouring down rain. It was still pouring when I left work. I realized that I shouldn’t have worn my Toms shoes. I love my Toms, but they are not at all waterproof. But, I guess if my feet are going to get soaked, it’s better to have it happen on the way home.

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