The Unexpected

My job can be repetitive and routine. And it can take unexpected turns.

This morning, my boss and I hired an Uber driver to take us to the University District. There’s an office in one of our satellite locations that needed “purging”. It’s an office of shared desks, and storage. Over the years, as the nature of our company shifted, the desks became used less and less frequently, and the supplies in storage became used less, and accumulated.

Today, my job suddenly shifted from desk work to manual labor. My boss and I spent most of the day clearing out cabinets, boxing things up for transfer to the main office, and tossing out a whole lot of stuff that hadn’t been used in years. We dismantled the office’s micro-kitchen.

We were both tired when we returned to Downtown. My boss let me “take is easy” for the rest of the day.

I realized that I’ve missed my Fridays in the U District.

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