Touch The Doors

I’ve been getting plenty of opportunities to experience Metro’s new, purple trolley buses this week.

Yesterday morning, the 47 to Downtown was a new trolley.(Technically, it’s a New Flyer Xcelsior XT40.) Yesterday evening, I rode in one on the 70 up 3rd Avenue.

This morning, it was a new trolley on the 47 again, and we followed right behind a new trolley on the 10 down Pine Street. This evening, it was a new trolley on the 47 home.

I was partially wrong about the lack of legroom on the new trolleys. It depends on where you sit. (Like all Metro buses, Phillip pointed out.) Some seats are roomier than others.

The new trolleys are noticeably quiet – more than the older trolleys. I don’t know if that’s because they’re brand new, or if it’s a better design. They’re also air-conditioned, I understand. It hasn’t been warm enough lately to experience that.

I notice the new “touch here to open” back doors are confusing a few people. There were two guys, at different stops, on the 47 yesterday morning asking the driver to open the doors. There was a woman on the 47 home today who stood at the back doors for a few seconds, and then started toward the front door, until people in line behind told her to “just touch the doors”.

It’s understandable. It’s a huge shift in the paradigm. For decades, Metro buses have had driver-operated read doors. Less understandable, however, was that second guy on yesterday’s 47. Didn’t he hear, or at least notice, that first guy call out “Back door please!” and the driver calling back “touch the doors”?

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