Change Happened

Last weekend, Metro Transit implemented its three-times-a-year service revisions. I made a mental note to check route 47’s schedule, to see if it had changed. The evening commute time is not as important to me as the morning commute. It’s important to know if I need to adjust the time I leave for work.

I walked out of our apartment building this morning and realized I’d forgotten to check the schedule.

I got to the bus stop at my normal time, and all the regulars were there. The bus arrived at the regular time.

I checked the 47 schedule later in the day. It hadn’t changed.

We had a new driver on the 47 this morning. I missed our old driver, but this new guy seemed OK.

We had a new trolley again this morning – the kind with the “touch here to open” back doors. Our new driver seemed to want to open the back doors himself however.

I’d seen that once on a TriMet bus in Portland. A passenger started to exit out of the back doors with an armload of packages. The driver opened the doors from the front. I’ve been wondering if our new trolleys had that option, too. Now I know.

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