Sim Styles

I’ve noticed that Phillip and I have different styles of playing The Sims 4. It’s the type of game that accommodates many styles of play.

Phillip likes to create a household and devote his full game time to developing it. I like to create many types of households – roommates, a couple with a child, a childless couple, a single person living alone, siblings living together, and so on – and switch off playing each household as I feel the whim.

For me the game is about creating – always creating.

I created a couple (man and woman) with a teenage daughter. That was back before I’d discovered the “only the active household ages” setting, so the daughter aged into an adult when I wasn’t looking. It was also the first family I’d created in The Sims 4, and even though I’d made each adult the daughter’s parent, I forgot to make each adult a spouse to the other. So, for a while, the couple needed separate beds. They’ve since become engaged and then married.

The couple and their adult daughter have been living together in a tiny house about the size of a mobile home. This morning, before I left for work, I decided it was time for the daughter to move out on her own, into the vacant house next door.

In The Sims 2, moving a sim out of a household is easy and intuitive. I have the sim look at either a newspaper or computer, and choose “Find own place”. There is then an option to choose which sims, if any, will be moving out with them. The remaining sims wave a sad goodbye as a taxi arrives to take the sim away. The sim doesn’t actually find a new place right away. They remain in a queue of sorts, until I move them into a house or household.

This morning, I could not find a way to move the daughter out in The Sims 4. The closest thing I could find was to “move household”, which would have moved the whole family out. I had to turn to the internet for the answer.

Here’s how you move a sim out of a household in The Sims 4: First, you have to stop playing the household, get entirely out of the house, and into the “world”. Then, from the top menu, choose, “Manage worlds”. This brings you to a list of all the households. Select the household you want to “manage”, and select the “move” icon. (It has two arrows, I think). Then you select the sim or sims you want to move. However, the game defaults to moving the sim into another household, so before I moved the daughter out this morning I had create a new, empty household. Then, finally, the daughter was available to move into the house next door.

I like the process a whole lot better in The Sims 2. I like seeing the taxi arrive and seeing the sim actually move out.

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