Our laptop lost its internet connection last night. I knew it was coming, for several months now. (It’s our laptop, but I was the primary internet user on it. I apologize for any pronoun confusion.) Clear never gave us a great connection rate, but having a wireless modem plugged into a USB port, giving me truly portable internet as long as I was in the service area, was wonderful. Now Clear is no more. I looked around for an alternative, back when the news was announced, but I just couldn’t find another company offering USB modems. Eventually, I gave up looking. There just isn’t anything like Clear was.

Snowie was in the same situation. He canceled his Clear account soon after the announcement and switched to WiFi.

Maybe WiFi is an option for me (us), but it just doesn’t have the same level of portable for me, in a tiny apartment. If I get a desperate need for an internet connection for the laptop, now, there’s the library and several coffee houses offering WiFi in the neighborhood.

Today, a combination of the weather and me being under the weather kept us homebound. We did get over the library, so that Phillip could ask a technical question about an eBook he’d downloaded.

library window

From a library window

Not Your Fathers

Blue Moon Burgers

After the library, we walked over to Blue Moon Burgers for lunch. Phillip had the Burger of the Month: The Chorizo Experience. I had the Blue Shroom, with (just for a change) a chicken patty.

After lunch, we walked over to QFC, to find a fan to replace the one in the bedroom, which still works, but it making annoying noises. We discovered, however, that fan season is over. It’s all heaters at QFC.

So, we went home.

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