Judy: Good Or Evil?

Sarah Benson

Sarah Benson

Sarah Benson moved into a modest but comfortable one-bedroom home in the Bedrock Strait neighborhood of Oasis Springs, a modern suburban desert community. Sarah happily lived alone. She had a small but loyal group of friends. Sarah worked as a musician, achieving little fame, but she enjoyed steady employment in nightclubs around town.

As Sarah aged into her elder years. she felt the need for the upkeep of her home to be handled by a younger generation. She placed an ad for a roommate. A young woman named Judy Daagle showed up at her door, and Sarah welcomed Judy into her home.

Judy Daagle

Judy Daagle

Judy was a quick-tempered woman, easily brought to anger. She aspired to be a mischief-maker. She wanted sims to dislike her. She never caused any real destruction, however. Her random acts of mischief were confined to hand buzzers, fake bad news, insulting ones home, and so on.

Judy took on a career as a secret agent.

Judy Daagle was friendly toward Sarah Benson, and never directed mischief her way. The two got along well as roommates. There was only the slightest hint of romance between Sarah and Judy.

One day, Sarah Benson went to work and never returned. Her death was mysterious, but it was determined that no foul play was involved. Judy Daagle continued to live alone in the house forever known as “The Benson Residence.”

Bud Little

Bud Little

Judy worked her way up through the agency, confined to at first to filing, electronic surveillance research, and assorted office tasks. At home, her mischief continued, and she became increasingly disliked by her neighbors.

A man named Bud Little moved into the house across the street from Judy. Bud was a musician with a talent for gardening. Bud worked the clubs, as Sarah once had, but he strived to be a published songwriter someday. Bud tended his garden, practiced his guitar, and noticed the pretty woman across the street.

Bud invited Judy over often, for meals and conversation. Judy invited Bud over often, for swims in her backyard pool. They traveled to parks and libraries together. They became comfortable friends.

Bud and Judy sharing a meal

Bud wanted more from their relationship. He was quite taken with Judy. He was a patient man, however. He knew that with time and with serenades, he would one day win Judy over. Bud promised that his first commercial success would be dedicated to Judy. Judy’s heart softened, she dropped her mischief aspiration, and devoted her free time to mastering the art of cooking.

Bud serenades Judy

Judy and Bud had several successful romantic dates. They began spending almost all of their days and nights at one house or the other. One evening, Judy proposed to Bud. Bud, of course, said yes.

Judy kisses BudThey agreed on a private elopement. The question was: Which house should they live in? Bud’s house, like Judy’s, was a comfortable one-bedroom. He had a larger living/dining area, with a nice view of the creek. Judy had a larger back yard, and a swimming pool. They both loved their little houses, and never discussed the possibility of moving into a two-bedroom somewhere in another neighborhood. After much debate and discussion, Bud put most of his belongings in storage, transplanted his garden, and moved into Judy’s house. Judy and Bud married.

Bud achieved commercial success, licensing his most popular songs, such as “Hey Judy”, “I Like Judy”, and “Judy U R Cool” to television commercials and public radio stations. Judy dropped the cooking aspiration, turned even farther away from her earlier life of mischief, and aspired to be the best soulmate she could to Bud.

Now, Judy has been promoted from office worker to field agent. She is a true secret agent. But her promotion came with a career path decision: Should she become an agent of good, fighting against the forces of evil, or should she become an evil mastermind, plotting to destroy the fabric of society? Should she continue on her current reformed path, or return to her former life of mischief?

Judy Daagle has become an evil mastermind. It pays better, for one thing. She has returned to random acts of mischief.

Judy and Bud continue to be happily married. They make a cute couple.

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