The Box In The Closet

closet1Our task for today was to clean out the hallway closet. There were games stored in there for at least twenty years. There was more on that upper shelf, but it was mostly board games.

It seemed like a simple enough task. Pull games off the shelf, and sort them in to three piles: The games we really want to put back on the shelf and keep (the smallest pile), the games that go into the apartment building’s “free stuff” area (a bigger pile), and games to donate to Value Village (the biggest pile).

closet2And it was a simple task, until we found a cardboard box neither of us recognized. It had been up there long enough that it had become stuck to the shelf. We pried it free, pulled it down ,and peeked inside. Things were wrapped in sheets of newspaper.

We carried the box into the bedroom, set it down on the bed, and began unwrapping things.

It turned out that that box had been on the shelf longer than I had been in the apartment. Inside were Phillip’s family photos and mementos of his life before me.  There was a vintage psychedelic shirt, a basket full of toys, and some truly amazing and wonderful things.

Sorting through that box was a whole lot of fun. It obviously brought back a flood of memories for Phillip. Sorting through that box of marvels took up the majority of our day.

Then there was the floor of the closet to go through.

We started working on the closet around 10 and were done around 3. We’d made several trips to the dumpster, the recycling bin, and the apartment building’s “free stuff” area.

Then we loaded up the car and drove to Value Village – the one where our nephew Colin used to work, and where our nephew Sam now works. (In fact, Sam helped us unload our car.)

We shopped around Value Village a while. Then we drove to Heaven Sent for chicken to go. We stopped off a Toyota dealer on the way home, to get the battery in our key replaced.

We ate chicken at home, watched a few more episodes of Red Dwarf (our latest binge), and admired all the empty space in our hallway closet.

It’s been a productive day off.

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