There was a huge wind storm Downtown for most of the day today.

Gusts pounded against the windows at random times. Leaves and debris swirled around in the air outside. You could look down to the street below and see trees being whipped around violently. You could look off in the distance and see construction cranes swaying back and forth. You could stand close to the outer walls and feel our building vibrating. You could put your hand against any window and feel even more vibrations.

I thought it was fascinating. It was probably the biggest wind storm we’ve seen since our company moved Downtown. I wondered what it felt like higher up in the building.

Many of my coworkers were not so fascinated. Many were freaked out by it all. These were mostly the same coworkers who were freaked out by the whole idea of being in a skyscraper right after we moved from a squat office building in Cascade.

I tried to calm people’s fear by commenting that I have never in my life seen a skyscraper window being replaced. I don’t think it helped.

It was an awesome storm!

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