What’s Going On?

I’ve been scheduling some interviews. I’m not looking for a new job, however. There are a couple of positions open in my group, and I’ve been asked to be on the interview team. I’m rather excited about it.

Interviewing is fun, as long as I’m not the one doing the hiring, and as long it’s a team effort. I get to meet people, talk with them, ask questions, and talk about my job and my company. Then, after an interview is over, I pass on my impressions, and it’s out of my hands. It’s all fun and no pressure – from my end.

Phillip sent me a text message this evening. It had taken him 40 minutes to drive three miles home from the U District.

Then I got to 4th & Pike, on my way home. The bus stop was a solid mass of people. Pike Street was a solid mass of cars. Buses would arrive, and when they’d leave, two or three green lights later, they’d be jam-packed, standing-room only.

My 47 wasn’t quite as packed as those earlier buses, and our driver did a fine job of squeezing the bus through the traffic jam up Pike.

It took me one hour to travel two miles home from Downtown.

It’s Thursday night. It isn’t raining or snowing. What was up with all the traffic?


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