City Of Electric Flies

Today was another session of role playing in Everett. Colin, Sam, Ben, Brian, Kathi, Phillip, and I were there.

I wasn’t feeling well, I kept drifting in and out of the game, so I’m afraid I’m going to be a poor reporter for this chapter of Mage: The Ascension.

We started the game with character development for the Dark Ages flashbacks. I came up with a tax collector named Kebler. He’s a judgmental conformist, with Old Faith magic powers. He’s a departure from my present-day character, James Joyce, a non-traditionalist drifter with a distaste for authority.

Then we started the story in the present day. Thomas (Sam) had disappeared. He was last seen appraising an estate in Issaquah.

Our gang hopped into James’ VW bus and began driving east, to investigate Thomas’ disappearance.

Thomas, meanwhile, had stepped through a doorway in Issaquah and found himself in a room, somewhere in France, in an unknown time period.

Dot (Kathi) had been using the GPS in her phone to navigate to Thomas’ last known location, until that phone got hacked by electric flies. (This is magic, you see.) Dot managed to use her coding abilities to de-bug her phone. Markus (Colin) used his magic powers to sense that the fly had come from Auburn, to the south.

James, who was driving, was given the sole choice: continue east, or turn south. Markus was convinced that more electric flies were converging in Auburn. James made the unpopular choice (unpopular to everyone except Markus) to turn the van south, toward Auburn – “The City of Electric Flies.”

Thomas, meanwhile, used the best of his magic abilities to contact someone, to give them information about his location. Unfortunately, he hadn’t yet developed a strong enough bond with anyone to pass that information. He was stuck in France forever.

The closer our gang got to Auburn, the more apparent it became that the City of Electric Flies was a ruse, and that they were heading toward grave danger. James turned the van toward Issaquah.

A strange and sinister man appeared in Thomas’ room. They got into a rapier fight. Thomas wounded the man badly, but the stranger kept on fighting.

Our gang arrived at last at the estate where Thomas was last seen. The place was surrounded by an evil magic force. The protective spirit within James’ van “ate” the magic, changing the van and everything within it. (Fortunately, no one was in the van at that point.)

Our gang entered the estate and found Thomas in the middle of a fist fight with an insane homeless man. They all managed to subdue the man. They tried to get information from him, but failed. So, they decided to knock the man out and leave him for the police to find.

(Daniel wasn’t there today, so neither was our cop friend.)

The marijuana James had in his van had been changed into other, less legal, drugs – but nothing capable of rendering a man unconscious. A search of the estate also turned up no usable drugs. James finally resorted to a blow to the back of the man’s head with his pistol. That worked.

As our gang drove home, in the van which was formally psychedelic colors but had been changed to dark blue with moons and stars, they had a flashback to the Dark Ages.

That was the end of today’s session, as well as I remember it.

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