No Cable

cableStep one happened last weekend. We upgraded our Netflix account from one DVD at a time to two DVDs at a time.

Step two happened today. We disconnected our cable box, drove it up north the Comcast service center (conveniently located on the same block as the hazardous waste disposal center), and ended our cable service. Our TV set is pre-digital age, so now we have no television reception at all. The only shows we ever watched were Northwest Cable News, Gotham, and The Muppets. We can watch episodes of the last two online, and I follow NWCN on Facebook.

The process of ending our cable service was surprisingly easy. Phillip and I were both expecting to face a sales pitch – “We can offer you a lower rate with this plan, if you just stick with us…” – but it wasn’t like that at all. The Comcast guy was friendly and easy-going. “How’s your day been going?”, “How was Thanksgiving?”, and so on, as he typed away on his keyboard.

When the Comcast guy asked us why we were disconnecting (obviously a question he had to answer for our account), Phillip said that we just don’t watch TV anymore, and added that all we ever watch is Northwest Cable News. The Comcast guy replied, “Yeah, seventy bucks is a lot to pay for one channel.” And that was it.

After the cable stop, we went to Value Village. We weren’t sure how to get there from where we were, so we got a little lost in Haller Lake. But, by sticking to what looked like main roads, we eventually found ourselves at Northgate Mall. From there, we knew how to get to Value Village.

We actually went shopping on Black Friday. It was Value Village, so I don’t know if that counts. Phillip bought some sweaters, and I bought a pair of Vans (which look like they’ve never been worn) for seven dollars.

After Value Village, it was brunch at Patty’s Eggnest, then a stop into Scarecrow Video, where we rented Singularity Principal and The Giver, and then a stop into Phoenix Comics, where Phillip had the latest issue of Squirrel Girl waiting for him, and then home.

My mornings are going to be different without Northwest Cable News, but I’m glad we disconnected cable today. It feels good – like a sense of freedom, almost.

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