A Blank Screen

This morning, I remembered to not turn on the television. I realized how much Northwest Cable News had become a part of my morning routine. (My “9/11 story” starts with turning on NWCN, and being confused by seeing Aaron Brown, who used to be on KING-5 here in Seattle, not in the Northwest, but in New York, on CNN.) The apartment was especially quiet without the TV on.

I realized this morning, for the first time, how much I’d used NWCN as a guide to the current time. After the morning business report was over, it would be time to start my shower. “Weather on the 1s” helped me keep track of when the time to wake Phillip up was approaching. This morning, I had to keep an eye on the computer’s taskbar clock.

As much as I like the think of my commute as free-flowing, I really do follow a routine.

This evening, Phillip reminded me that Gotham is on tonight. I reminded him that we’ll have to find out when it’s available online.

It’ll take some time to get used to being without TV, but I think we made a good move.

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