The Dark Ages

We had an usual gaming session today. Not a lot happened, and yet a lot happened.

It was our second time visiting Brian and Kathi’s new place. Ben was out of town, so we didn’t pick him up on the way, so it was our first time finding the new place on our own. We did just fine.

Brian made Travelers’ Stew, in which everyone contributes something to the mix. Phillip and I brought artichoke hearts and black-eyed peas. Others brought cabbage and carrots and potatoes. It was delicious.

Today’s story took place entirely in The Dark Ages. Our characters all lived in same village, but had varying degrees of interaction with each other. There wasn’t as much teamwork involved as our previous sessions have had.

The Marquis’ scribe (Phillip) fought against magic and ending up facing off against a giant bird so ancient that it had seen the world destroyed and reborn three times.

The Marquis (Sam) fought a spirit (in the body of a raven).

A hired assassin (Colin) fought against magic and ended up with eyes colored solid black for two weeks.

A tax collector (me) got shanghaied by two sailors. (I discovered that the character I created isn’t very strong on fighting skills. He isn’t very strong on magic skills, either.)

A sailor/pirate (Daniel) got hired to haul some cargo. He ends up fighting off some men trying to kidnap The Marquis’ sister.

A beardless Norseman (Kathi) informed us that we’re all tied by an ancient curse, that will follow us through time.

The hired assassin rescued the tax collector. The Marquis healed the tax collector’s injuries. The Marquis hired the sailor/pirate as his sister’s personal bodyguard. The scribe and the beardless Norseman formed a bond similar to the bond the former sex slave and the hacker have in modern times.

It was a fun session.

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