A Good Adaptation

I never did find out why I put the book on hold, but I loved Paper Towns, by John Green. I really, really loved it. So, when I found out that it was being adapted into a movie, I was thrilled. Maybe I should have been worried (as in, what will they do to this book I loved?), but it seemed like a book well-suited to be a movie, so I wasn’t too worried.

Paper Towns, the movie, ended up on our Netflix queue. Phillip and I watched it last night. Phillip had never read the book, and all he knew of the story was what I’d told him – plus what he may have read on this blog.

Paper Towns is a good, and faithful, adaptation of the book. It’s also a very good movie.

Some details were changed, side stories and bits about characters’ lives were dropped, the revenge plan dropped a couple of steps, but it is an adaptation, after all. I didn’t mind. The essential story of Q, Ben, Radar, Lacey, (and Angela), and their quest for Margo Roth Spiegelman, is there.

My only quibble with the movie was the ending. What was, in the book, the result of hard work and a team effort, becomes, in the movie, a lone act of coincidence. But, oh well.

It’s a terrific book and a good movie. I recommend both.

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