I Found A Button On The Train

Something must have shifted in the Link light rail schedule.

Ever since I’ve started this endless overtime, I’ve caught whatever shows up at the Westlake platform first. Typically, that’s been either a 41 bus ending its trip from the north, or a 150 bus starting its trip to the south.

Yesterday morning, and this morning, I was surprised to see a Link train arrive only a minute or two after I reached the front of the platform. Cool.

This morning, I boarded the train and found a seat. Just as the doors started to close. a young man (a teenager) came dashing in. He made it in just in time. At the next stop, University Street, the doors opened, the young man ran out, tapped his card at the ORCA reader, and ran back into the train. That was a clever move. I was impressed. He’d caught the train back at Westlake by not stopping to tap his card, knowing he’d be able to tap his card at the next stop. Cool.

I glanced down at my seat, and saw a button lying face down. I turned it over. It was a campaign button for Bernie Sanders. Cool. I put it in my bag and exited a Pioneer Square.

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