Thoughts On The Commute

I think I just missed a Link light rail train this morning. I’ve become so used to catching a Link in the mornings that I tapped my ORCA card at the back of the platform at Westlake Station and let three or four buses go by. By the time I realized my mistake, it was almost time for the next train, so I waited. As a result, I was five minutes “late” this morning – but with this never-ending overtime I was actually 25 minute early. And with the flex time my schedule allows, I stayed five minute later in the evening, so I wasn’t late at all.

I maintain my record of being late for work only once in the past 15 (almost 16) years.

My recent joyride on the 36 has me wondering if it might be easier to stay on the 47 in the morning until 3rd Ave, walk across the street, and catch a bus up Third, skipping the tunnel altogether. Once my commute becomes more leisurely again, I just my try it.

With Metro’s new “touch here to open” back doors, it’s tough to resist the impulse to push on them when the green light goes on. I notice other people pushing on the door, too.  (It really is a strange concept – touching a door to open it.) I wonder how long those door are going to last, with people pushing on them. I’ve tried seeing how lightly I can touch them, a couple of times now. They really do open with just a touch on the yellow strip. But it’s still strange.

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