Modern Problems

Several minutes after Phillip left for the bus this morning, I noticed that he’d forgotten his cell phone. I was sure he could survive a day without a phone, but I was just as sure that at some point he’d realize that he didn’t have his phone and wonder if he’d forgotten it or lost it. I needed to tell him that his phone was safe at home – but how? I couldn’t call him, obviously.

I considered taking the phone and running after him. But what if, while I was going up the hill with his phone, he realized he’d forgotten his phone, circled back, and we missed each other? He’d get home, realize that his phone wasn’t there, and be sure that he’d lost it. There would be panic.

I saw that the only choice was waiting until I got to work, and emailing him to let him know the phone was safe at home. (It wasn’t until much later in the day that it occurred to me that I should have sent him an email from home before I left.)

Before I left for my bus, I moved his phone over by the computer, where he’d see it. Then I reconsidered, and moved it back to where he’d left it, and probably the first place he’d look – if he got home before me, somehow.

I stepped out of Pioneer Square Station and realized that it was raining – and that I’d forgotten my hat (which happened to be next to Phillip’s phone).

I got to work and found that our company email was down.

I sent Phillip an email from my personal email. He asked me if I’d brought the phone with me. I explained why I hadn’t. He told me he’d set an alarm on his phone – which would be sounding all day.

I got home before Phillip did this evening. (He had a company party, which I couldn’t attend because of overtime.) His phone was silent, because the battery had drained.

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