Bernice has died, losing her latest battle with breast cancer.

Writers’ Group went on without her today. We had a good meeting today, but the memory of Bernice was with us all.

Bernice had been a good friend to me, first in church and then in Writers’ Group. I would look forward to walking down the hill with her, after Writers’ Group, chatting as we walked.

Bernice was a good listener, so there was a lot I didn’t know about her. She had been a student at a seminary school, and a caregiver. She rarely burdened others with her problems. She wrote about cats. She wrote children’s stories. She wrote children’s stories about cats. She wrote about things she observed. She rarely wrote about herself.

My fondest memory of Bernice was from the summer of 2004. It was a rough time for me – a lot of bad things were happening. Bernice knew this. I’d gone to church alone. She sought me out after the service, We sat on the back of a pew, as the church emptied, and she listened as I talked. That was nice.

Bernice was a kind person, a lover of cats, a fan of Smallville and Grimm, a good friend, a great listener, and a good writer.

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