My Christmas Weekend

On Christmas Day, Phillip and I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in 3D, at The Sundance Theater. It’s a fancy cinema, with reserved seats, and fancy food to eat during the show. It’s also a 21 and over venue. I had an overpriced beer ($12 for a bottle of Pyramid Hefeweizen – but hey, that’s how movie theaters make a profit), not because I was in the mood for a beer, but because it’s not every day you get to drink a beer in a movie theater.

We both enjoyed the movie, but agreed that 3D didn’t add that much to it.

After the movie, we had dinner at Sam’s Tavern. We over-tipped the food server because she was obviously in a bad mood – not her usual friendly attitude – and we may have made her mad by asking for a refill on my endless fries.

Stored that cool USB flash drive Phillip gave me for Christmas was a document that read, “Wear clean underwear tomorrow.” It was a clue to my second Christmas present, and I knew exactly what it meant.

On Saturday, the day after Christmas, Phillip and I drove up to Arlington and spent the day with Pamela.

On our way to Arlington, we stopped off for gas, at $2.12 a gallon, and filled up the tank for less than twenty dollars.

Phillip had bought me an hour-long massage with Pamela. I had my first cupping. I felt great afterwards, and it rid me of my fear that it would start snowing and strand us in the middle of nowhere.

We also made dinner with Pamela, which included a drive to Walmart and Grocery Outlet. (This was before the massage.) Phillip waited in the car, while I went in with Pamela for my first visit to a Walmart. (It didn’t change my opinion of the place, and Pamela promised that the massage would rid me of the bad Walmart mojo.)

Over dinner, we watched the two DVDs we had brought: Whale Rider and The Iron Giant – neither of which, it turned out, Pamela had seen. She liked Whale Rider so much that she borrowed it for repeat viewing until our next visit.

It was, as usual, a fun visit.

Today was Writers’ Group. It was snowing today, but not sticking.

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