Tuesday Night Fun

We had a fun time last night. We went to an experimental show – something the performers and producers were “trying out”. It was a combination improvisation and burlesque show.

Like an improv show, the audience would shout out suggestions for categories, and actors would act out an unrehearsed scene. Then, at the conclusion of the scene, one performer – at random – would break into an unrehearsed burlesque routine. It really worked. It worked well.

There was a small, but vocal, audience. (It was, after all, a Tuesday night, and it was an experimental show.)

The show was in an out-of-the-way nightclub named The Substation. We’d never been there before last night. The address was listed as Ballard, but it seemed more like Fremont to me. (I guess Ballard extends farther east than I had thought.)

The hallways of The Substation, surrounding the stage area, were lined with artwork for sale. It’s an interesting place. During one of the breaks, I bought a reasonably priced photograph (a close-up of some very dirty gear work) by an artist named Vector Parallax.

It was a great Tuesday night.


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