Adventures In The Cold North

Yesterday evening, Phillip and I drove north to AFK, in Everett, for Colin’s birthday. We decided to stop into BobaKhan Toys on the way. Phillip drove up, and I navigated. Phillip complemented me on my geographic memory.

I used to spend a lot of time in Everett. There are areas I know well, and areas I don’t know at all. But, yes, I do have a strong geographic memory.

We had a great time at Colin’s birthday party, playing Cards Against Humanity and Jenga. Afterwards, we had to scrape ice off of our windshield. There was frost on the ground, but not enough to be concerned about.

This morning, we drove back up to Everett, for brunch with Judie. It turned out that there had been a mix-up regarding the date and time, and we weren’t able to reach her, even after we got to there. We called Brian and Kathi, to invite them to brunch, but they were busy. So Phillip and I went to Vintage Café by ourselves. (I had biscuits and gravy! There are not enough places around Seattle that serve biscuits and gravy.)

After brunch, we walked over to a comic book store, just to browse. Between the café and the store, it started snowing. It wasn’t sticking to anything – it was just enough to look pretty. While we were in the snow, it started snowing heavier – but still not sticking.

When we got back to the car, Phillip asked to stop by a shop he knew about on the east side of the freeway. I was still driving. I wasn’t exactly sure how to get there from Downtown Everett, but I trusted in my geographic memory to get us there.

The thing about geographic memory is that it works only if you have a memory of being there. I took a wrong turn somewhere, and ended up on some two-lane country road with no side streets. I had no idea where we were. The snow was thick in the air, but not sticking to the road. Neither one of us were worried, actually. We knew that, eventually, we would come to a place one of us recognized – or we would eventually see a sign directing us toward the freeway.

Besides, we knew, from experience, that it likely wasn’t snowing on Capitol Hill – and probably not anywhere in Seattle.

That country road went on for miles, it seemed, without any intersections. We eventually found a road off to the right, and we turned there. We found ourselves in a residential area, with twisty roads and roundabouts. Every once in a while, the road would intersect with a bigger road, and one of us would take a guess as to which way I should turn.

I had no idea where we were. I had no sense for which direction we were heading. We agreed that it was an adventure. The snow was pretty, and it wasn’t sticking. We had more than a half-tank of gas, and averaging 39 miles per gallon. We weren’t in a hurry to get anywhere. Eventually, something would look familiar. There was nothing to worry about. (Besides, if things became dire, we had a Thomas Bros. Guide in the car.)

We came to Bothell-Everett Highway. We recognized the intersection. We both knew which way to turn, to head south.

We didn’t get to that shop Phillip had wanted, but we found one just like it along the way.

We stopped into Carolina Barbecue for take-out.

The snow turned to rain in Bothell. The rain stopped in Kenmore. And we made it home safely.

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