School’s Open

It was obvious, this morning, that the holiday break is over, and schools are back in session. There were a dozen or so teenagers at the stop on Olive Way. They all boarded an 8 bus. I wondered which high school they were heading to.

The 43 bus that took me to the U District was jam-packed. It didn’t help that it was a 40-foot trolley instead of the usual 60-foot trolley. I couldn’t retrieve my book from my bag, for fear of poking my neighbor in the ribs, so I spent the 3-mile trip without reading.

I had no trouble reading on the way home.

I’ve been planning books for the 2016 Reading Challenge – my New Years’ resolution. I have three books on hold at the library, specifically for the challenge. I’m looking on Project Gutenberg for others. I’m not going to identify these books, yet. I’m not going to tell you what book I’m reading until after I’ve read it. It’ll be a surprise.

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