I’m feeling the need to clarify yesterday’s post: Returning to the Downtown office is a good thing.

I enjoy working in the University District office. I enjoy walking over to the medical center, or the university campus, during breaks – just to experience the different vibes. I enjoy the no-transfer commute over there and back, with plenty of reading time. I like the people over at the University District office.

It’s just that the task I was doing over there was repetitive, and not very challenging. I felt sorry for my coworkers Downtown, who were having to cover my normal tasks, in addition to their own, while I was in the U District.

It’s not that I mind transferring in the middle of a two-mile commute, exactly, but I resent that I have to. There should be at least one bus route that goes from Capitol Hill into Downtown. I resent it when I remember that it wasn’t so long ago that the 14 did just that.

But, in a couple of months, Sound Transit will open the Capitol Hill station for Link light rail, and I will have my no-transfer commute to and from Downtown. It’ll be a longer walk up the hill in the mornings for me, but the benefit will outweigh the drawback, I think. (It’s good thing that I’m still able-bodied enough to make the walk up the hill, because once the light rail station opens, Metro Transit will screw up Capitol Hill bus service even more.)

And what I meant to write yesterday is that mandatory overtime is over. I’m back to a more leisurely morning commute. That’s a good thing.

Yes, it’s good to be back Downtown.

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