The Plan

So, I had this Reading Challenge all planned out.

I’d tackle to easy ones (book in a day, book under 150 pages, re-reading Vonnegut) first, and get them out of the way. Then I’d tackle the difficult ones (political memoir, self-improvement book – neither of these are my cup of tea) later. If I didn’t finish the challenge, I’d get most of it done.

I don’t want to rush this – and make it a chore. I didn’t want this blog to be daily reports on the Reading Challenge.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about the protagonist with my profession. I don’t want to tell you what my job is, but it’s a rather uncommon one. It’ll be tough to find a book about my job. Maybe I can find a protagonist with a similar job.

I knew the book becoming a movie this year, and the book being published this year, would both be popular, so I put them on hold at the library right away. Yesterday, I was 37th in line for the former, and the latter was “On Order”, with me 4th in line.

The road trip book I put on hold was on the shelves in the library system. Meanwhile, I uploaded a less-than-150-page eBook into my eReader. I discovered an interesting-sounding celebrity autobiography, it was on the library shelves, I didn’t want to forget about it, so I put it on hold, and then suspended the hold for a month.

Meanwhile, I’m making my way through a 600+ page book.

That was the plan. It seemed that books would be evenly paced.

Yesterday, the road trip book came in. It was great timing. I stopped by the library on my way home and picked it up.

Today, I received a notification from the library. That book becoming a movie this year – the one with 36 people in line ahead of me – had come in. (Also today, Phillip asked me to stop by the library to pick up a hold of his. Weird timing.)

So, now I have three books, and one eBook, going.


6 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. At the library where I work, customers are always surprised when they are far down on a holds list, but the book arrives for them quickly. Usually it’s because dozens of people before them in the queue have suspended their holds! Today I placed a hold for myself and saw that I was 14th in line, but 12 of them were suspended, so I am really #2!

    • It was a mystery to me for the longest time, until a friend who works at the library explained the deal with suspended holds.

      How did we ever get by in the days when libraries had card catalogs and libraries checked out our books with a stamp?

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