James No More

We had a fun gaming session, in Everett, yesterday, with Brian, Kathi, Daniel, Ben, Colin, Sam, Phillip and me.

The majority of session was spent in the Dark Ages. The merchant (Ben) returned to town, just in time for us to discover a Viking ax, and clues to the magic threads which bind our little group to a curse through time.

We sailed for six days to The Emerald Isles. We (the players) rolled our dice six times to see how seasick our characters became each day of the journey. (That was fun!)

Then we were all transported back to present time. The cop (Daniel) woke up at his desk. He’d been working on creating a new identity for James Joyce, the former drifter (me), since James had allegedly revealed the group’s existence to another drifter.

An FBI agent contacted the cop, offering assistance. Using the cover story that they were creating a back story for an undercover police officer, the FBI agent and the cop worked together to create an identity for James.

(Once again, the cop revealed James’ identity – and new identity – to a stranger, in order to fix the damage done by James revealing his identity to a friend.)

James Joyce is no longer a tour guide for the Seattle Underground. He is now a member of The Seattle Symphony. He is no longer James Joyce. It was up to him to choose his new name.

“How about Ernest Hemingway,” suggested the hacker (Kathi).

“That’s good,” replied the former James, “But I am now Raymond Carver.”

James Joyce, the tour guide, is now Raymond Carver, professional musician. That’s where yesterday’s session ended.

(I wish I had thought of Dashiell Hammett. That’s a cool name.)

Colin and Sam had to leave at the end of the session, but the rest of us remained to play a quick game of Og – the caveman role-playing game.

My character is named Erg, and I’m a “banging” caveman. (When in doubt, hit it.) I have a five-word vocabulary: “Me”, “Bang”, “Food”, “Water”, and “Thing”. (That’s how fast character creation is in Og.)

I had a fun time yesterday.

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