Little Green Light

As I walked to the bus stop this morning, I passed a car2go. It was parked across the street from the bus stop. The little light in the windshield was flashing green. No one had reserved it. It was mine to drive. I kept walking past it.

As I stood at the bus stop, I had a clear view of the little flashing light. I wanted to see it change from green to orange – just because I’d never seen a car2go at the moment it was reserved remotely.

The 47 arrived, and the little light was still flashing green. I took a seat on the bus.

If I were walking to the old office in Cascade, I would have had my car2go card against the reader without even thinking about it. These days, of course, there’s no advantage to it. No matter how little the drive Downtown would have cost me, it would always be more than the free bus ride my employer was given me. (I’ve said that before, several times, I know.)

Three mornings now – Christmas Eve, last Friday, and yesterday – I tried my experiment of staying on the 47 for one more stop, and catching a bus on 3rd Ave, rather than traveling by transit tunnel. This morning, I exited at Westlake and caught a Link train in the tunnel. I’m not liking the surface option much.

It’s a lot of little things, but one trivial thing is that stop on 3rd, between Stewart and Pine. It’s annoying. There’s no parking there, making that entire block one long bus stop. The bus stop sign is placed mid-block. It seems that whenever I try waiting by the sign, the bus pulls all the way to the end of the block. And whenever I wait at the end of the block, the bus stops at the sign. And, since there are few people waiting at that stop early in the morning, buses don’t stop long – testing my rule of never running for a bus.

No, it’s a nice roomy seat on the train at Westlake Station for me – until Capitol Hill Station opens.

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