It Follows

We watched the latest from our Netflix queue last night: It Follows. It’s a terrific movie.

A group of teenagers from a suburban neighborhood are battling a sexually-transmitted curse, known only as “it”.

No one knows what it is, or what it wants.
It takes the form of a human being – either someone you know, or a stranger.
It comes after one person only – the person carrying the curse.
No one can see it except the cursed person.
It walks directly toward you. You can easily outrun it, but it will show up later.
The only way to get rid of it is to pass it on to someone else, by having sex.
If it kills you, it will go after the person who passed it on to you.

It Follows has a dream-like look to it. People watch black-and-white movies on televisions with rabbit-ear antenna, and read books on futuristic clamshell e-readers. The movie is filled with long, still shots of quiet ordinariness. It’s a beautiful movie.

It Follows is a scary movie, with almost no gore. The story is about the teenagers, rather than the monster. It contains well-written characters I actually cared about.

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