A Good Day To Buy Shampoo

This morning, I was almost out of the hand-mixed Cinnamon shampoo I bought at The Soap Box, the last time we were in Pike Place Market, last (I check this blog) – September!?! My goodness, that shampoo lasted a long time. (I wash my hair every day.)

Later in the morning, I was reminded that Phillip would be going out to a sneak preview of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with Snowie after work this evening. I’d been invited, but I didn’t like the book, so I’m pretty sure I won’t enjoy the movie.

It seemed like a good day to detour to Pike Place Market, to buy some shampoo. (Not that Phillip getting home at his regular time would have prevented me from making a detour on my way home, that is. It just was more convenient.)

The reason for me buying that shampoo at The Soap Box, by the way, is that I bought my previous shampoo at a drug store on my way home, and Phillip complained about the “chemical smell” of it. He practically pushed me into The Soap Box. I’m glad he did.

I did a web search, before I left work, just to see if there was a closer Soap Box. I found one in Pacific Place, between 6th and 7th. (That’s much closer to my office.) I thought it was odd that Google Maps didn’t show the one in Pike Place Market. Then I realized that I had mis-remembered the name of the shop, and I had searched for The Body Shop.

As the work day got closer to the end, I realized that I really wasn’t in the mood to make a detour all the way through Pike Place Market. The Body Shop wouldn’t have the exotic scents that Soap Box would, but it would be better than a drug store.

It was drizzling rain when I stepped outside. It wasn’t bad, but I decided to make as much of the journey under cover as I could. I went down into Pioneer Square Station and arrived on the platform at the same time as a Link train.

Five or six Fare Inspectors boarded at the next stop, University Street Station, and asked to see everyone’s proof of payment. I hadn’t had my ORCA card checked in a very long time. I thought, for a moment, that it was odd that they’d pick the next-to-last stop to check everyone’s fares.

In the next moment, I remembered that in all the many, many joyrides I took on Portland’s MAX system, I never saw a Fare Inspector until I checked out the Red Line to the airport. I guessed, then, that they were seeing tourists a likely fare evaders. My guess is that that was what was going on today, between University Street and Westlake.

Of course, I’d tapped my card at Pioneer Square Station.

I exited at Westlake, tapped off my card, and walked into Nordstrom without going out into the rain. I made my way up the escalators to the sky bridge, and into Pacific Place.

If Pacific Place has a store directory, I don’t know where it is. I found The Body Shop on my own. A salesperson helped me pick out a shampoo, and informed me of the buy-two-get-one-free sale (which I already knew about, having visited their web site). I walked out with three bottles of “Rainforest Balance” in my bag. I don’t think it has a chemical smell to it.

I walked over to the convention center, where I had a four-minute wait for a 47 home.

I still want to go back to The Soap Box sometime soon, however. I’m thinking about the White Tea scent.

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