Second Coat

On my way out to the bus stop this morning, I stopped by our apartment building’s compost bin. That’s when I discovered that it was pouring down rain outside. I went back upstairs to our apartment and changed into a more rain-resistant, but less warm, coat. I made it to the bus stop with time to spare.

We made more stops than usual getting to Westlake, with people boarding and then exiting a stop or two later. There’s nothing wrong with that – even a few blocks out of the rain helps.

There was an announcement at Westlake Station. The elevator at the southbound platform at Mount Baker Station was out of service. Link riders needing an elevator at Mount Baker were instructed to exit at Columbia City Station, transfer to a northbound train, and use the elevator on the northbound platform. The same announcement was playing yesterday. I like our light rail line, but it isn’t perfect.

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