Books and Books

I stopped by the Central Library during lunch yesterday and picked up a book on impulse. I stopped by the Capitol Hill Library on my way home from work this evening and picked up a book I had on hold. I am now reading three books at once. I am not the type of person who reads three books at once.

I should slow down. On the other hand, I’m finding that having no TV, and sharing a computer with internet access, is rather conducive to reading books at home.

When I took on the 2016 Reading Challenge, I did the math: 40 divided by 12 is three-and-a-third books per month, every month for a year. (No, wait. One category is “A book and its prequel”. That’s 41 books – 3.42 books per month, almost a book a week.) There’s no way I can read that quickly, that steadily. I saw combining categories as my only hope for completion.

And here it is, not even to the end of January, and I’ve completed 17 categories, and have finished seven books. I’m wondering what I’m going to do when I run out of categories – call it finished, even if the year’s not over, or continue on, reusing categories. (Really, where did I get the idea that this challenge has to last all year?)

Of course, I’ll probably think differently once I get into some tougher books.

One of the three books I have going right now is “A book that’s more than 600 pages”, and I’m really struggling with it. I’m just not into it. I will finish it, but it may take me all year.

So, anyway, I stopped by the library on my way home today. A 49 will get me a couple of blocks from the library, but I really don’t like that route. It’s too crowded, and it takes the longest way home. I figured I’d catch a 47 and walk up from Summit, or a 43 and walk over from John – which ever came first. It was a nice evening for a walk.

A 43 came first, and I exited at Broadway and John, across the street from the new Capitol Hill Station.

Today, the official opening date of Link Light Rail’s University extension was announced: March 19th. As I stepped out of the 43 this evening, I thought: “This is what my walk home is going to be like in a month and a half.”

It’s going to be the end of riding the 47 for me – except for those mornings when I don’t feel like walking up the hill. If it weren’t for that transfer at 4th & Pike every evening – if the 47 was still the 14 – Link would be the lesser option for me, and I’d be sticking with the bus. I wish Metro Transit would understand that.

One thought on “Books and Books

  1. I am proud of how you are tucking into the reading program! Reading three books at once will cause your brain cells to multiply, and it is appropriate to consume books at a higher rate during the rainy season because you might not read as much during other nicer-weather months. Don’t struggle, if you don’t like the 600-page book, give it up and try a different one.

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