ORCA Reader Stickers

This morning, I noticed that the ORCA readers in Westlake Station have new stickers on them. “Link Only”, they say in white letters against a black background, with a bold graphic of an ORCA card. I thought that was pretty cool. I guessed that people were getting confused, what with tapping their card on the platform for light rail, but tapping their card inside buses. (It is a confusing system.)

Westlake ORCA reader


As the Link train I was on passed through University Street Station, I noticed that ORCA readers there didn’t have those nifty black stickers. I guessed that the new stickers were for the benefit of tourist, who, I’ve noticed, tend to use Westlake more than the other tunnel stations.

I exited at Pioneer Square Station and tapped off my card. Then I noticed those blue stickers which have always been on tunnel station ORCA readers have actually always said they’re for Link only. I just never really noticed them until this morning.

Pioneer Square ORCA reader

Pioneer Square


The fact that I’d never really paid attention to those blue stickers before now sort of demonstrates the effectiveness of the new black ones, doesn’t it?

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