Planning For The Past

It was gaming day in Everett today. (I’m referring to role-playing, not The Super Bowl.)

We picked up Ben along the way. We stopped into Costco, as Ben’s guests. It was my first visit to a Costco – and Phillip’s, as well. I enjoy browsing in unique grocery stores, and Costco fits that category – 10-pound vats of crab legs across the aisle from fitted sheets, and ten-foot tall walls of soft drink crates. With our habit of almost daily grocery shopping, however, a membership in a warehouse-quantity grocery store just wouldn’t be for Phillip and me.

We then stopped into Winco before getting to Brian and Kathi’s house.

Sam had to work today, and Daniel wasn’t feeling well, so we played without them. Kelly came by to hang out, not sure if role-playing is her thing. (Phillip and I both agree that she’d enjoy it.) And, of course, Jean stopped in a few times.

Not much happened in today’s session, aside from the discovery of some very old dice, made of bone, which proved to be the first link to the curse for the book dealer. I got to role my gaming dice only once.

Next came a catalog of all twelve eras our characters have been linked in, along with the items we believe would be as important as the bone dice were to the book dealer.

Colin had to leave early, and then Ben, Phillip, Kathi, and I created new characters for a future visit to the past – 1528, to be exact. We’ll all be European envoys to China. I created a folklorist named Marco Pollerman. Phillip will be my sister, Catherine – a historian.

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