Reading Writing About Reading

Today was Writers’ Group. I hadn’t written anything for the group, but I thought everyone would be interested in what I’ve been doing with the 2016 Reading Challenge, so I printed out the Reading Challenge blog posts for January – from the “New Year’s Resolution” post to The Measure of a Man. (As far as I know, no one in the group reads this blog. Barbara used to, but she doesn’t anymore.)

I’ve tried reading blog posts to the group in the past, but that hasn’t been very successful. Maybe there’s something about my blogging style that doesn’t translate well to being read out loud. Maybe I’m a better writer than I am a blogger. I don’t know. I thought I’d give it another try, anyway.

Meanwhile, this morning, two books I had on hold for the Reading Challenge became available at the library. The “book and (not) its sequel” was available for download. So, I uploaded it into my eReader. The “book published in 2016” was on the hold shelf at the Capitol Hill Library.

On the my walk up the hill to Writers’ Group, I dropped the “book of poetry”, and a book Phillip had borrowed, into the library return slot. (The library hadn’t opened yet.)

Rebecca had to work today, so it was Barbara, Mariah, Russ and me.

Reading my blog posts actually went well today. In-between each post, the group would discuss the book I’d just reviewed, as well as my review itself. (It was almost like Writers’ Group had turned into a sort of book club.) Then I would ask, “Do we want to hear another one?”, everyone would say yes, and I would continue. Maybe it was the type of blog posts I’d selected which didn’t translate well in the past.

On my walk down the hill home, I stopped into the library and picked up my hold.

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