Four Books And A Bus Stop

Yesterday, before I left work, Phillip asked to pick up a hold for him – if I happened to be going to the library. If I wasn’t, he said, he’d pick it up today. No, I hadn’t planned on stopping by the library, I replied – adding that I currently have four books underway right now. The 2016 Reading Challenge has made my reading habits a bit crazy.

I have one book on hold at the library. I’m somewhere around position 46 on 14 copies. To avoid being surprised by a fifth book, I’ve paused the hold for a month. That’s one thing I’ve learned from the Reading Challenge: how to pause a library hold. It used to be that The Seattle Public Library would allow you to suspend a hold until whenever you resumed it. I’m not sure when “suspend” was replaced by “pause”. Now, you can pause a hold until a specific date, and, somehow, you keep your place in line.

Two of the four books I have going are library books. They’re getting the top priority, since they have return dates. One is an eBook, and I’m reading it on the bus. I’m reading the other library book at home, and it’s going pretty quickly. I predict it will be the first one done.

I’ve borrowed a paperback book from Kathi. I don’t bring it on the bus, to avoid wear.

I’m still reading that 600+ page book. It’s being read at home, since it’s fairly heavy, as books go. Unfortunately, since it belongs at home, and doesn’t need to be returned, it’s getting the lowest priority right now.

Back when route 47 was returned to us, I was shocked and puzzled by the removal of the stop at Bellevue and Denny. It’s the transfer point between the 47 and the 8. Plus, it has that cool sofa mural – made for a bus stop.

I’m not sure when it happened, but it seems that that stop has been quietly restored. I haven’t seen any announcement about it. It was at least a week ago that our driver started dropping people off there – just every once in a while. I thought he was bending the rules to be nice. It’s become a daily stop now, with the same group of passengers boarding every morning.

OneBusAway shows a stop there – Stop number 13430. I guess it’s officially back.

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