Boxes Of Memories

I cleared out some stuff this afternoon – stuff which had accumulated over the years.

There was a box of diskettes underneath the computer table. Fortunately, we still have a working computer capable of reading those things. Most of the diskettes were blank. Some had photos from ages ago. Some had backup files for games no longer played. There were even installation disks for some version of Windows – back in the days when Windows could be installed from five diskettes.

Two diskettes had files from King of The Cats.

King of The Cats was where Phillip and I met. It was a Seattle-based BBS, before the World Wide Web really existed. It ran on a program called RIPterm. It actually gave DOS computers the ability to display graphics. (I was pretty amazed back then.)

King of The Cats was a combination of online game, with all the members playing cats, and social group. Being local, the members would often meet in real life, for dinner or bowling or a movie. I’d spoken with Phillip many times before I met him at a KOTC dinner.

The King of The Cats diskettes were saved to flash drive. Some of the other photos from other diskettes were saved, as well. All of the diskettes were formatted and thrown out.

There was a sealed box back there, too. (Why would we have a sealed box stored away?) I cut it open. Inside was a nail-trimming insert for a sugar glider wheel, along with the original packing slips. (Why would we have an unopened insert stored away?)

When sugar gliders don’t have tree bark to climb on, their nails can overgrow, causing them to stick on fabric. This insert was a strip of sandpaper, attached to a plastic grid. It fits inside a running wheel. The sandpaper wears the sugar glider’s nails down. The insert has to be removed after a short time, to avoid wearing a sugar glider’s nails down too much.

While the sandpaper is wearing the nails down, the nails are also wearing the sandpaper down. So we had to buy new inserts from time to time.

Phillip read the date on the invoice: 2013. We had bought the insert for Sonar, right before we had to have him put to sleep. (Sad memories.) Apparently, in the midst of all that turmoil, we set the delivery aside and forgot about it.

Sonar hated those inserts, by the way.

We still have the sugar glider cage in our bedroom. We haven’t had the heart to take it down. It’s on our “to do” list, however.

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