Missing The Obvious

This morning, when I boarded the 47 bus, I made sure to sit on the curb side of the bus, so I could catch a glimpse of the bus stop sign at Bellevue & Denny – if there is one – to confirm last Friday’s post about the quiet return of that stop. This morning, I realized I had been missing the most obvious clue: the stop announcement, on the LED sign, and over the speaker, for “Denny Way”. If the stop hadn’t returned there wouldn’t be a stop announcement, right?

One thing I forgot to include in last Saturday’s post is the nifty new signs in the Downtown Transit Tunnel, and in Beacon Hill Station. On the southbound platforms, signs have the international airport symbol, along with wording like “To Seatac Airport & Seatac Airport”. On the northbound platforms, the signs read something like “To Westlake/Seattle & Westlake”. (I’ve forgotten the exact wording.)

The phrasing of those signs may seem odd. If you look closely, however, you’ll notice that the second destination is made to peel off. In less than a month, northbound light rail will continue to the University of Washington. Then, later this year, southbound trains will continue past the airport to Angle Lake.  (I’m still excited.)

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