Slowing Down, Not Quite

So, I’d planned on slowing down with the 2016 Reading Challenge. I’m doing well with it, I think. It’s not yet March, and I’ve been tearing through the categories.

I’d planned on working on the three books I have going, leave the one hold I have at the library paused, and let the Challenge rest a bit.

(I’m still keeping the books I’m reading for the Challenge hidden until I’m finished. I like the idea of giving this blog’s readers the element of surprise.)

Then, this morning, something made me think of a book I hadn’t read it a very long time. I realized it would fit at least one category, possibly two, nicely. It’s an old enough book that it might be in public domain. I checked on Project Gutenberg. They didn’t have it.

I checked with The Seattle Public Library. They have a few copies – in both physical and electronic formats. I didn’t want to put another book on hold, just yet. (I’m trying to slow down, remember.)

I checked on the Kobo Books website. They sometimes have free eBooks – especially ones in public domain. They had the book I was looking for. Apparently, it’s not in public domain. It cost only a few dollars, though. I hadn’t bought a book in a while. It’s a book I’d be willing to spend some money on. So, I bought it.

(I bought my Kobo Mini at Ada’s Technical Books – a local, independent bookstore. They get some part of the money I spend on my Kobo account. It helps ease my conscience about owning an eReader.)

It was the first money I’d spent on the 2016 Reading Challenge.

With the new book in my eReader, I decided to check on my hold at the library, to get a feeling of when it might come in, once it un-pauses. Somehow, that made me think of another book I’d tried to find at the library.

This book I’d looked for seemed not only perfect for the Challenge, but possibly a fun book just to read. I wasn’t willing to spend money on it, without knowing more about it. The Seattle Public Library had only one copy, and it had been lost.

I’d been thinking about getting a card at The King County Library, just so I could check out the copy the Renton Library has.

(Seattle is the County Seat of King County. But, due to some weird history, Seattle and King County have separate public library systems. I’ve recently learned that, as the owner of a Seattle library card, I can obtain a King County library card. I can return a King County library book to a Seattle library, but I can’t have a King County library book delivered to a Seattle library for pickup. What a system.)

So, while I was logged into the Seattle Public Library web site, I decided to check on that lost book. I don’t know why. I discovered the book had been found, and had two holds on it. I put a third hold on it.

Now I’m reading three books for the 2016 Reading Challenge. Plus I have a paused hold, and an active hold. Plus, I have a book in my eReader waiting for me.

So much for slowing down.

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