Gaming In A Bun

I called in sick Thursday and Friday, and spent those two days in bed – reading, sleeping, and reading. I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent today, but I felt well enough to go to Everett for a day of role-play gaming.

Before we left, Phillip tied my hair into a “man bun”. It was the second time he did that to my hair. The first time he did it, I was also sick.

(Phillip took the photo on the left. He and I agreed to change the photo to gray scale, because the bathroom lights made my hair look more brown than it actually is.)

Man buns have a bad reputation around here. Many people think they look too silly, or too hipster, or (usually) both. I like the way it feels, however. It feels like my hair is short, which I like. It looks like my hair is long, which Phillip likes.

It’s more work than I like to get into for my hair (thus why I like short hair) but it’s fun once in a while.

With my hair up in a bun, we drove to Everett. We didn’t pick up Ben, but we drove through his neighborhood, anyway – so we could go shopping at WinCo.


I’m not sure what it is about WinCo that we enjoy so much. It’s just a giant supermarket. It has a friendly vibe to it, however. Maybe we feel good about it being “an employee owned company”. Maybe we just enjoy the rack after rack of bulk foods.

Neither Ben nor Daniel could join us for gaming today. Sam and Colin were there, but had to leave before gaming began – Colin wasn’t feeling well. (There’s a lot of that going around.) We gained a new player today: my long-time friend, Kelly. Kelly had never role-played before today.

While Kelly was creating her character, Jean came out to talk to us. She thanked me for the blog post I’d written. We talked for a long time about her books. She brought me back to her office and showed me the artwork for the third book in the First Salik War series, due out at the end of this year. She showed me her massive, hand-written world-creation notebook.

I brought The Terrans with us, to return to Kathi. Phillip mentioned that the book sounded interesting, so Kathi loaned it to him. Now, Phillip’s reading it.

Kelly’s character is named Diane Hunter. She works in Eco-Elements, close to Pike Place Market. She’s lived in the Seattle area all her life. Her parents are hippies. She’s worked at a local commune. Diane has been living in the same condominium as our circle of Mages, but no one had really noticed her until now.

My character, Raymond Carver (formerly James Joyce), quit his job as an oboe player for The Seattle Symphony. (It was something I had actually planned to do during today’s gaming session. Playing in a symphony seemed out of character, to me, for my former-drifter. Brian actually suggested it before I had a chance to. Funny how that works.) Raymond is now a Fare Inspector on Link Light Rail.

Raymond walked into Eco-Elements after his shift, to find some hand cream that would make holding his ORCA reader easier. He recognized Diane, and she recognized him. They didn’t know each other, but James (now Raymond) had crashed at her commune back in his drifter days. That’s how Diane Hunter got introduced into the circle. It turns out, she’s part of our curse.

After the gaming session, Phillip, Kathi, Brian, and I took Kelly to Mugu Games, so she could buy her first set of gaming dice. I think Kelly will fit in well.

Brian said my man bun makes me look like a samurai.

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