A Walk For A Burger

Phillip and I had planned for today to be laundry day, and a trip to Li’l Woody’s for a burger.

Today turned out to be recovery day. We’re both under the weather. We skipped the trip to the laundromat. Phillip went back to bed around mid-morning. I did some reading, some de-cluttering, and I played some The Sims 4. I woke Phillip up at 2:00, to see how much later he wanted to sleep. Phillip got up and said he still wanted to go to Li’l Woody’s. The idea of food didn’t sound good to me, or my stomach, but I agreed to go with him.

Li’l Woody’s has been having a burger-of-the-week sort of thing going on this month. Each week, they bring in a guest chef from a local restaurant to come up with a special hamburger. I’d been unaware of this because, for some unknown reason, I hadn’t been following Li’l Woody’s on Facebook.

Phillip wanted to go today, because it was the last day for Edouardo Jordan (from Salare)’s “150 Gram Burger” (honey Dijon mustard, caramelized onions, tomato jam, dill pickle, butter lettuce, smoked prosciutto, mayo, grass-fed beef, on a potato bun) with a side of deep-fried mushrooms.

I didn’t know any of this before we left our apartment.

It was raining slightly as we walked there. When we got there, I decided – upset stomach or not – we’d walked all this way, the 150 Gram Burger sounded good, so I ordered one, with the mushrooms.

Before our burgers arrived, I asked Phillip how much 150 grams is. He didn’t know, either. (We’re so American!) So, I figured that a sugar glider weighs around 80 grams – so it’ll be slightly less than two sugar gliders.

It was all delicious.

It was pouring down rain when we stepped out of Li’l Woody’s. We picked a walking route with the most sidewalk coverage. By the time we reached to bus stop at Bellevue and Olive Street (next to the laundromat!), the rain had let up considerably. Still, we stopped, and Phillip checked OneBusAway. A 47 was due in one minute. So, we waited a minute, and a 47 bus arrived.

Ovaltine LatteWe rode as far as Top Pot Doughnuts, where we stopped in for coffee to go. Phillip got a one-shot mocha, and an Ovaltine Bismarck. I ordered my favorite Ovaltine latte. Then we walked home.

I don’t know if eating that burger was such a great idea, but it was worth it. And the walk definitely felt like it did me some good.


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