My Bamboo Plant

I got into work this morning and found that my bamboo plant had been transplanted into a new pot. I didn’t even have to ask why. I knew what had happened while I was out sick on Thursday and Friday.

First, some history. (Please excuse the cheap cell phone photos.)


Back in March of 2013, my employer gave all of its employees a little bamboo plant. We got to pick out the plant and the pot. I picked out a plant that had a growth on one side and a little bud on the other side. My hope was that I would end up with a double-stalked plant.

We have a self-appointed gardener in our office. He goes around to everyone’s desk and takes care of their plants. He gives watering advise to those who would rather do it themselves. He brings in plants for desks that are looking a little too empty.

My bamboo plant never did grow anything on that little bud, but the other side kept on growing taller and taller. Soon, I had the tallest bamboo plant in the office. Even The Gardener was amazed. He had no explanation for my bamboo’s phenomenal growth.

Bamboo 1 year

A few weeks ago, my bamboo plant had reached from the top of my file cabinet (about five feet off the floor) almost to the ceiling. It was also leaning. A lot. I knew it would finally fall over under its own weight someday soon.

On Thursday, while I home sick, The Gardener found the stalk my bamboo plant bent over, horizontal, on my file cabinet. He found a larger pot for my bamboo plant, along with a wire frame to prop it up.

I hope my bamboo plant survives.



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